Sunday, June 3, 2012

Decker Rd. Seeds

Okay guys, I have officially started my own seed company.  I think it's pretty cool, and hopefully millions of other people will think so too.  So if you're ever in the need for any kind of seed, let me know, and check out my new website

Also, I started a new blog to go along with my business, so I'll be blogging there more than here, for sure.  Find it here:

We're about ready to demolish 'the money pit', and start building our new abode, along with a buttload of new landscaping projects, so I'll have lots to write about.  

Here's a kid update:  Cassidy age 2, and Warren age 3 1/2 months.


  1. I am excited about your new company! And I love the name and logo. Cassidy is looking so cute! And Warren looks so much like your brothers it is crazy. Can't wait to see more posts. I need to learn about how to plant seeds because Camryn is so into right now and man is it hard to grow them. Erica

  2. I'll spread the word on your seed company. Cassidy is beautiful and Warren is just so sweet and adorable.

  3. yippee! sounds so cool, I need some seeds up our aly. Our garden is full of weeds and dying plants. I need your help!

  4. cassidy looks just like you that lucky little girl. i can't wait to meet warren. i'm going to be your stalker on your seed site. help me with our yard pleasy! it struggles.

  5. That's rad! I'm so happy for you :) Cassidy looks exactly like u, and I love the picture of your baby. Love the hands over the head sleeping position. Can't wait to hear more about all your new ventures!