Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a few month's back

I just remembered I had these pics from Cassidy's birthday, and I never looked at them.  That's what I love about blogging.  It forces me to organize my photos.  For her 1st birthday, I got a pinata, and made everyone wear mustaches so we'd look more authentic.  They looked cute on the kids, but sort of creepy on me, so you won't be seeing any of those pics.

 Tyler's mustache looked amazingly real.  This is the only way he'll ever have hair on his upper lip.  I think he can grow like 2 mustache hairs on his own.  And a couple really long ones on his chin.

What's with River's eyes being closed in every picture?  It looks like she's eagerly awaiting some big surprise.  Who's that Italian Luigi standing behind her?

Cassidy holding her position before the raining of candy.

The pinata was a giant cat.  I found the coolest store in Portland with pinatas in every shape imaginable.  That's Jason sporting the uni-brow in the corner.  I wish I had a better shot of him in his outfit that day.  Tight silvery spandex and a sweatshirt that wasn't quite long enough to cover his bulge.  

The anticipation builds as swing after swing breaks apart the poor cat. 

Gee Cody, it's just your only child's first birthday party.  Don't look so excited. 

And the candy goes flying!  It really did burst out in an impressive wave of sweets.  It always cracks me up how excited kids get over the littlest things.  Kids are so much more fun than adults..I wish Cassidy would just stay a little kid.  I don't want her to turn into an uptight, opinionated, argumentative adult.

Even Cassidy got in on the action a little bit.  But mostly she just wandered around grunting at everything.


  1. I love the first picture of Cassidy with all the cousins. I'm surprised Cassidy wasn't climbing the 2x4 to get the pinata. You need a post dedicated to that little mountain goat.

  2. Who you callin Luigi? Did you notice Diana's in the background of almost every picture boobyfeeding. She'll love that:)

  3. yippee your back. cassidy is so cute, i can't believe she is walking at her first bday, are you kidding me? our nugget is still crawling

  4. You're back!! So excited. Member how you all of a sudden have a one year old? She's darling. And I rolled at your mom description. So true.