Monday, May 23, 2011


I've realized that I love my Monday's.  It hasn't always been this way, of course, but the last few months I've noticed that I always have good Monday's.  Here's why:

After breakfast, I usually water my plants in the sunroom, and Cassidy has caught on.  I'm not trying to say that my baby is better than yours, but she actually waters my plants for me now, and does a pretty good job.  My baby is soooo smart, and I didn't even make her watch Baby Einstein movies when she was in the womb.

Ever since she was like 4 months old, I've been kind of worried that she's going to be super butch when she gets older.  She has this really deep voice that scares the other little kids in the park, and everyone still calls her a boy, even when I have her in pink.  But then I remember we're in Portland, and boys wear pink in Portland, and have names like Ariel, and Sparrow.

After watering, I usually have some yard work to do, so I let the wild child loose in the backyard.  See those bushes she's running by?  I've been trimming those damn things for the past 2 weeks. 

I repotted some of my geraniums and put them by the door here.  I love them!  She's sporting her dollar store thermals. 

After yard work, we head over to the park, which you can see by her face she loves.  I can't stop laughing at this picture.  I want to blow it up to life size and make wallpaper out of it.  It would sell like hotcakes.

After playing in the park, I head out to track practice.  I coach a high school team, and Monday's are our long distance days, where we go for long runs that take us all over the surrounding neighborhoods.  I must say, I get a kick out of coaching.  Not only is it satisfying to see the kids discovering the intrigue of running, but I also have fun hanging out and running with them.  It keeps me young, and high schoolers are pretty entertaining.  But it also leads me to try reliving my glory days, which usually ends up making me depressed.  That's me in the picture above, back when I was light on my feet, and a little less jiggly. 

After track practice, I come home, take a shower while trying to dodge Cassidy playing with her bath toys under my feet, put on something cozy, and sprawl out on the couch with a Rootbeer to watch Gossip Girl.  This show is so stupid, it's almost painful to watch, but I have a lesbian crush on Serena, and all of her pretty clothes, so I watch it faithfully every monday night. 

And then, it's time to put Cassidy down for bed, and I can fall asleep while reading The Three Musketeers.  It's such a good book.  Not a bad day, I must say.


  1. 1. The $1 thermals should be thrown away-I don't care if you live in portland-that's what makes her look like a boy.
    2. The picture of her at the park made me laugh real hard and feel oddly uncomfortable all at the same time. that one will be worth pulling out at the wedding-well and anytime really.
    3. We stopped watching Gossip Girl long ago, but it was so great the first three seasons and I still have a crush on Serena-so did Erica apparently because she wanted to name our next daughter that until I reminded her that most people think of a manly large black woman with a tennis raquet. It wasn't worth that risk.
    4. I hate Mondays.

  2. Love the $1 thermals because you can trash them and not care!

    I have no comment on the park picture....but I thought of oh so many. It does make me laugh right outloud.

    She is such a little hippy walking barefoot on the gravel. Love that baby girl!

    And it's a good thing you pointed out that was your high school picture because I thought it was current.

  3. I'm obsessed with your garden! I wish you lived by me so you could majorly help out your amateur friend. Also little C is soooooo cute! I can't wait until my little one is a big helper. Call me when you're down next so they can play!

  4. Oh PS, Dan and I also have crushes on Serena and hate that show but watch it every Monday along with an even stupider show, 90210.

  5. I love this post. And I'm glad she's getting some use out of the thermals...I bought 4 more pairs for the twins in all sizes. I can't believe she goes on that spinning thing at the park...that thing makes me wanna bargh everytime. That first picture of Cassidy is so cute. Can you bring your camera down this weekend?

  6. your garden makes my heart hurt and so does your mondays. I watched gossip girl once and couldn't do it no more. But I've got your back on Serena. That girl is hot. Isn't she dating Leo? Or maybe I have my blondes mixed up