Sunday, August 28, 2011

for sale

 I have been so bad about keeping this stupid thing up to date, but I actually have a pretty good reason.  We have officially put our cute little house on the market, and my life has been a nightmare ever since.  It is the saddest thing to spiffy up your house, just to watch strangers wander through it and not be impressed in the least.  This house has been like my little project that I've lovingly worked on and cared for over the last 5 years, and so I want to kill everyone who doesn't appreciate it.

We always knew when we first bought this house that we would have to give it up once we had a kid.  It's pretty small, and there are only 2 bedrooms, so when we have guests it's always kind of weird trying to figure out where to put everyone.  I thought some young couple would buy this house up immediately, and be charmed by all the quaintness of it like I am.  Umm, such luck.  It has been a total blow to my remodeling self-esteem.  I am now convinced I have horrible design skills, and everyone that comes to looks at it is laughing at me behind my back.

I wandered around the house and took all these pictures, and it made me so sad.  I really feel like this is my house, and no one else will ever take care of it the way I do.  If I drive by in 2 years, and the lawn is un-mowed and full of weeds, I think I'll blow my top.

I will admit, the house is unique, and I realize not everyone will appreciate that.  But there are so many artsy-fartsies in Portland, there's got to be someone who does.

I remember this bathroom was the first room we re-did, and Cody even built the little bathroom cabinet thing himself.  And then we realized that we'd made the door frame too narrow, and we couldn't get the washer and dryer out.  We got better as we went along, I promise.

I've been listing the house on craigslist as well, and week after week I get absolutely no response.  Until a few weeks ago, and this is what I got:  "Good luck.....your house is waaaay too funky-looking."  Gee, thanks.  The guy left his name, so I googled it, and found out he is a toy-maker in Portland.  If a toy-maker in Portland thinks my house is too funky-looking, we're in serious trouble.

My master suite.  I love, love, love this room.  It's surrounded by windows, and I can examine all areas of my garden from here.  Cody has even caught our next door neighbor changing a few times from here.  Great entertainment.

Cassidy's little den.  This was the perfect baby-sleeping room.  Although she now hates cribs, and now sprawls out on her new queen bed.  She is such a diva.

One of the biggest selling points for me when we originally bought the house was all of the old wood windows.  You just can't find neat little windows like this anymore.  Everyone wants to rip them out and put in air-tight dorky vinyl windows because they're cheap.

The kitchen was definitely the biggest transformation in the house.  We used to just have a little kitchenette that really sucked.  My favorite parts of the kitchen are the undermount sink, and the concrete countertops.

We even offered our furniture to any potential buyers, but that didn't work either.  Maybe because we only have like 3 pieces of furniture in the entire house.  On more than one occasion, we've had people visiting us ask if we were moving out because our house is so bare.  I'm a minimalist, and I hate knick-knacks. 

Our little fire-pit.  We've actually used this a lot, even though I'm not sure it's legal to have bonfires in the city limits.

A shot of my sunroom from the backyard.  I get sick every time I think about leaving this room behind.  Every house I live in from now on has to have a sunroom. 

This is our basement, the second room we re-did.  I remember before it was done, we'd bring our lawn chairs down here and watch movies on the concrete floor.

Our front entryway.

The side yard. 

And the front yard.  So this is my excuse for never blogging this summer.  I've been crying over the impending loss of my pride and joy, and also hating everyone for not loving it as much as I do.  I don't get it - just look at it!  It's so cute.  Someone buy it please.  And then keep weeding and mowing.


  1. Here's what I've realized-90% of people have no taste or very poor taste. You guys have done an insanely amazing job. Anyone who wants to make some good money could see how easily they could add on the front. If anyone in Portland compliments the house, that would be an actual insult because they all love their dogs and tie-dye too much to care about good skills. Who ever buys it will actually appreciate all that you've done.

  2. House is pretty cool, but I love the first picture "Whitney's Garden".

  3. we would DIE to have your house. all of that door framing, window framing, woodwork everywhere, white doorknobs, oh my gosh, it's a dream come true. the windows and natural light, ugh. i love the concrete counter tops! and the cream subway tiles and the window above the sink and the ceilings in the kitchen. and the baby nook in the master! and the shower in the first bath you re-did, i've never even seen one like that, it's pretty rad. i wish we had a reason to move to portland just so we could live in your house. the outside, i'm not even gonna talk about the outside because you have to know by now that you are the steve jobs of agriculture. but seriously, the outside is the best, it makes me hate arizona

  4. oh yeah and cassidy is such a cute lil' garden slave. cute baby, good job on making her

  5. I think I will buy this house. If we can fit 3 of us in a roomless, concrete loft, then we can make a two bedroom work for at least 3-4 kids (babies can stay in bassinets for at least a year, right?). Although, the pressure to keep this house looking as good as you have might do me in. Man, it really is a beauty.

  6. sad times. I love that house and I've never even been there. I'm kind of obsessed. Tell the toy maker he can stuff it, he doesn't know what he's talking about. At least you guys don't have to get a renter who smokes meth and puts baby toys in the front yard.

  7. I'm thoroughly confused how anyone could look at your home and NOT fall in LOVE!! It is amazing!!! I'm seriously in love with every room...I'm telling my sister-n-law who lives in Portland about it (even it she is currently real estate shopping) just in hopes of her buying it so I can go there:) However you might need to be hired as the gardener...;)